Frankie & Benny's Italian Restaurant

Oct 29 | By Codgers

We  had a breakfast the at the end of August 2017 and sat outside.

Service *****

The service was impeccable throughout and we both rated the service as five stars.

The Coffee *****

Coffee was excellent and both rated it as five stars the taste and quality and considered that it was one of the best coffee we had since we were in Italy. 

Breakfast ***

We were both disappointed with the breakfast we were served and for the reason we gave breakfast three stars.


Frankie & Benny's charge a high price for there breakfast while buying the cheapest quality meats. They used three rasher of streaky bacon that was overcooked beyond being crunchy, instead back bacon. The cheap sausage was deep fried and destroys the taste, it would been far better if a decent pork or beef sausage was used.  

The mushrooms were tasteless, no seasoning and we cold when we began to eat them. The mushrooms were boiled with some lemon to keep them white and prepares the mushroom for busy periods and ready to be fried and seasoned. We where served the boiled mushrooms that more than likely were microwaved.

We both think that Frankie & Benny's breakfast was overpriced for the quality of the food.


Disability Friendly

Frankie & Benny's  is on level ground with accessible toilets. If you use a mobility cart you will struggle to get around inside. If you have a large wheelchair or one of 8mph mobility carts inside however, Frankie & Benny's have a couple of table's outside littered with cigarettes ends.  



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