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Nov 30 | By DaMouse

The Old Codgers ate in the Chez Gerard today 30th November 2017 and how a good experience turned too very bad.

We ordered from the lunch menu my friend went for the Fishcake and asked for potatoes instead of salad, while I had the soup of the day and the Beef Bourguignon.

We were served bread and butter and the soup of the day arrived that was delicious, it tasted and smelt fresh and I really enjoyed the soup.

I began to feel cold in the restaurant and I had to ask the waitress if they had any heating on, she went to check and it was so cold that was the start of the negative points about  Chez Gerard. You cannot enjoy a meal if you are cold.

The main course arrived and my Beef Bourguignon looked a little sparse with five pieces of meat, onions a stock.  My friends fishcake was served with some lemon and a little salad. We began to eat and my Beef Bourguignon tasted good while my friends fishcake was burned black on the underside. We was half way through the meal and I comment my beef was good but it was going cold to fast. We then found out the plates were stone cold and not preheated in a plate warmer. The waitress appeared a put a platter of roast potatoes that arrived late. I took one potatoes and it was stone cold, I tried another one and that was cold and had just come out of a fridge. 

The waitress was busy serving other people so I took the platter of potatoes and went in the kitchen and told the chef the potatoes were ice cold.

My friend had enough of the burnt fishcake and I had eaten the five small pieces of the Beef Bourguignon when the waitress approached us and asked what was wrong with the potatoes and we told her the potatoes where ice cold and just out of the fridge. Her answer was 'We are busy in here today' looking at the party of around twelve old ladies who was having their Christmas lunch. 

She then brought the potatoes piping hot (just out of the microwave) and advised her we did not want them as we had finished the meal. We asked for our bill that was £20.40

Chez Gerard is not suitable for disabled people as the toilets are up a long flight of stairs. The toilets are in a poor condition and need a massive clean up and refurbishment.

The place was cold, the food and plate were cold and overall not a nice experience. 

The waitress was in a old pair of jeans and boots not the type of person you would expect serving in a restaurant.

When we were leaving the restaurant I noticed they had a little domestic heater heating the restaurant that tells me Chez Gerard is not doing to well cutting back on their bills. With competition with places like Lanterns and Steak and Omelette I regret to say Chez Gerard will not last long.     

We normally visit a place twice however, we wont be going back, as restaurant did not have the courtesy to apologise for the mistake.

We gave reluctantly Chez Gerard 2 Star.

We would have been better off going  across the road to Ivor Dewney the food would have been hotter and we would have been fuller at around half the price.

chez gerard


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