Machine Mart Plymouth refused me access to a toilet!

Sep 15 '17 | By DaMouse

Just over a week ago I visited Machine Mart in Plymouth chasing a replacement after a floor scrubber/polisher caught fire on me. I am a disabled person and on a drug called Furosemide! it's drug that makes you urinate. 

When I walked into Machine Mart Plymouth I asked on of the staff if I could use the toilet urgently. I was refused point blank and they suggested I use the public toilet in the betting shop.

On my return to Machine Mart I was informed the staff were not permitted to let customers use the toilet under the Health and Safety Act and the staff had written warning for allowing customers use the toilet. My reply was brief advising the staff to pass a message on to whoever gave the written warning 'I hope he become disabled and will understand what it is like to be disabled'!

About my replacement it seems the Plymouth Branch had forgotten to send the faulty unit back to head office two weeks earlier. I asked for a refund as the machine was only two months old and I had a document that the machine was going to be replaced. Head Office took a different stance and wanted to examine the faulty machine (to find an excuse I had misused the machine) in any event after pressure from me they agreed to refund me £79.99 on the 8th September 2017. It is now the 15th September 2017 and I am still waiting for the money to arrive in my account with Machine Mart stating the refund took place a week ago and stating it can take up to five days to reach my account. (This another subject)

I don't think I will ever buy anything from  Machine Mart again; I am fortunate it was £79.99 and not £799.99?  

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Sep 17 '17
That is awful one would think the people in Machine Mart would be more understanding.
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