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Activity: May 13

OSRS gold

You are not the first to mention that EoC is very different than if it was released. Sure slayer makes you amazing money but the ability is mainly just sit in a spot and kill x amount of x monster. I concur with this. However, when you take a look such as GWD the nightmare, the bosses round the map at pvm content, battle becomes enjoyable. You have to learn mechanics for each and every boss, you have to learn to solo pvm to prayer flick. My question : Is all battle in OSRS found to be afk and dull to you because of the nature of EoC, as in, has EoC affected your view of battle, or did you feel this way before EoC too? I don't play OSRS because I have grown to like EoC, as well as simply playing the RuneScape. I feel like I am playing with. I recall when the option came up and that I needed to choose school or development of combat. Long term, I'm glad where RuneScape went. I like the notion of a living and evolving match, and runescape. My opinion of OSRS is that I don't care that much because folks play what they want. But if you need me to dig deep. I think a lot of misinformation concerning RuneScape becomes you personally for the most part and shared over there hate RS3. Not but a great deal is known by me. It's like the thing to do there it seems. Here we are just like.. Oh's a boss we've got years ago. Oh you men are getting a new ability. Oh wait they did not vote it in?! How idiotic! Over all though I really feel out of touch with you guys. I don't know how you guys enjoy RuneScape. All the issues(to me) with combat and Skilling were type of fixed in RS3 and you guys seem to like those things on the market. I just kind of watch how things never say anything because of how toxic a number of the OSRS community is and are.
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