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Activity: May 25

An ancient traditional holiday celebrating spring is

Summer is wedding season, when brides and grooms anticipate snapping these cute pics in the sunny months. Those who adore the tidings of wedding season and love may look forward to a newly-announced occasion this June. Throughout the whole month, players will be able to shoot some wedding-and-anniversary-themed photographs on Harv's Island. An ancient traditional holiday celebrating spring is. Players will have the ability to discover the holiday. Section of this event will include the capacity to see a Mystery Tour island, which appears to have a bunch of hedges along with items. Rover, a fan-favorite kitty personality, also seems to be hanging out with this mysterious island, however it's unclear what his role is. These quests focus on ecological stewardship, including interacting with blossoms and plants in certain ways. Hevisit your island and offer a few services. Aside from his shop, Leif will buy weeds out of you for a greater price than they typically sell for. Clumps of weeds generally sell for 10 bells each, but Leif will provide you a pleasant 20 bells for each one. Leif also includes a small shop he'll operate when he's seeing your island. In this store, you can find a few flower seeds that are rarer that you might not have yet. More notable are the starts. These will take a couple of days to develop and then they'll blossom, based on which flower they develop. There's holly, hydrangeas, tea-olives, and much more. Visit your buddies' islands if you want a different selection than Leif is selling on your island. Are the regular wood fences too dull for your preference? Well, the new upgrade brings you another option which may fit better on your island, based on what you like. After finishing your initial Nature Day Nook Miles+ quest, Tom Nook will grant you a DIY recipe for hedges. This hedge fencing works like regular fencing and can be used in place of more conventional materials. You may observe a big, smoke-billowing boat at the rear of your island near the secret beach or the existence of a dishonest character on your plaza. This is Redd, a kitsune who acts as a shopkeeper with a new offering for your island's cultural development. Redd, as he did from the past matches, sells you artwork. On his first trip, he'll give you a random art. Next, he will provide you with a chance to select from a few at one time. If you want to know more, please click
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