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Breaking a series of buying Madden

Right! It is not even merely mode. Madden is possibly the most lazy game franchise of all time. I stopped buying it and I only bought 2020 online discount just like a month. I swear that there's is not a noticeable margin of difference in the products. Considering that video games have more spent cloud services, how can it be Franchise mode is similar to a rejected aspect. They should be able to carry your Coach, GM Character over from year to year. Single 11, I shouldn't have to restart my franchise. I want to play 20 years into the future with the rosters I have built. Create a team was among my favorite things from the early/mid 00's - I will create far better uniforms than what some of these Nike assaults on eyes have been the last decade but madden hates creativity. Gameplay is not terrible and it is kind of hit a point where it's so good that there is not much each year that could be done besides gameplay tweaks that are little. However, there may always be custom tweaks to year, additional uniform alternatives, more player celebrations, more player kinds (as an Asian woman, I wish to make myself the sexy Asian QB of my fantasies!) Where is my sexy Asian man representation Madden is just so GD lazy annually, and our money is collected by them and laugh at us, take my cash. Breaking a series of buying Madden I have purchased every single madden annually new since Madden 2001. This is the first calendar year, as a result of their continued negligence of the Franchise mode, where I won't be buying a new setup of Madden. It is unfortunate how a once amazing sports franchise has dropped so much downhill as a result of greed and their lust. More mmoexp information on
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